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Our churches are dying, collapse, crumble, in the heart of Paris, in the indifference of the public policies that reduce budgets dedicated to the restoration and maintenance. This is the warning that pushing the Religious Heritage Observatory (OPR), and a combination of heritage protection and quality of life, denouncing the "state of emergency places of worship Parisian" art. Not least. St. Augustine, Madeleine, Saint-Eustache, Saint-Sulpice, Notre-Dame de Lorette, Saint-Severin According to the list and the expertise of these preservationists, numerous buildings are in imminent danger of the 96 Shrines (85 churches within the Catholic church, two synagogues and temples 9) belonging to the City of Paris, despite their classification as a historic monument for most. coach outlet online

Budget down 27%

While the budget of Paris "has increased by 59% in 10 years," collide associations, the budget allocated to religious buildings belonging to the city "has decreased by 27%." According to their figures, while 20 million were allocated to the maintenance and restoration of religious monuments in 1994, the budget fell to $ 15 million per year in the first term of (out of a total budget of 5 billion euros, or 0.3%) and € 11 million per year in his second term of office (for a municipal budget of € 7.95 billion in 2012, or 0.14%). "It is a problem of budget priorities, a matter of will, a political choice," Maxime Cumunel critical, spokesman of the OPR. A stigma that boosted the city left: "On two terms of office coach outlet online Bertrand Delanoë, we allocated 150 million euros for the restoration of religious buildings when the term of office 1995-2001 (Jean Tiberi, Ed) has devoted 27 million in all and for all! "rage a counselor mayor of Paris. coach outlet online Thirty roof restorations, many restorations front, 40 other buildings that have been made of the work of heating, electricity, decoration, sanitation, low masonry, spectacular work of the north tower of Saint-Sulpice (28 million euros), the Tour Saint-Jacques, the facade of Saint-Paul Saint-Louis the litany is long, listening to the hall chanting his works. "An unprecedented effort has been made even though we recognize the need to pursue, says Daniele Pourtaud, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of heritage. The situation of the churches of the capital is not alarming, we are very attentive and vigilant to intervene before coach outlet online the damage is irreversible. To do this, you should never release regular maintenance. Now, if a report is to be drawn is that, under other terms of office, the heritage of religious buildings has been largely maintained. "

Issue electoral

Anyway, for associations, "With this neglect that last for years, so aggravating the damage and the cost of restoration to come, it should now at least double the current budget to prevent the worst, and the worst is a coach outlet online church grave" . The example of the Church of Saint-Philippe du Roule in the prestigious eighth arrondissement, close to the Elysee, is eloquent. A huge scaffold with an artificial roof was installed to prevent rain from falling inside. A temporary structure which cost 700,000 euros, coach outlet online without being provided to date roofing work. "The patches, that the policy of protecting places of worship today!" Scandalized a waterfront. "Regular inspections are made, the work is scheduled, it is not in the urgent," coach outlet online said the mayor of Paris.

For the most tourist capital in the world where churches with their treasures and works of art, stand prominently in the sites visited, these degradations are "perfectly outrageous," said the OPR. A few months before the municipal elections, the "great pity churches" can become an election issue. Thursday, in a statement, SOS Paris and OPR have questioned the candidates on the future of the religious heritage of the capital and asked "to elect the right and left to sign up for the next term."

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