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her porcelain complexion, blue eyes and tousled hair , the media have dubbed " the blond angel." Since Friday , throughout Greece a little girl , who was found Wednesday in a Roma camp of Farsala in the center of the country, playing among his "brothers and sisters " more brown it . Authorities suspect a child abduction and have appealed for witnesses to identify the girl .

Police Wednesday was a routine search in the camp, looking for drugs and weapons , when this little girl about 4 years old , who was among four other children face in the mat burberry outlet where prefabricated family houses , attracted the attention of officials . The child does not absolutely like the couple claiming to be his parents or his brothers and sisters . When police questioned the adults , they are lost in contradictory explanations . After arguing that she was born to a Canadian father , met in Crete by the wife of 40 years , they claimed to have abandoned outside a supermarket found, and that his biological mother , a Bulgarian , had entrusted their child .

Sent beg in the streets    

girl by the name of Maria . Photo credits: STR / AP


DNA tests have confirmed that the couple was not his parents. The couple also happily mistaken social services, who paid them burberry outlet nearly 2800 euros per month. "Parents" were recorded in the registry 14 children, six born in the same year ! The woman used two identities.

On the other hand , the Greek court decided Monday to charge the false Roma parents for "kidnapping" and placed in custody. However the couple denies kidnapping the girl burberry outlet or have purchased. " This is a stranger who could not raise this child and, through a third burberry outlet party has entrusted the couple in 2009 shortly after his birth ," said their lawyers.

Responding on behalf of Maria , the child speaks a few words of Greek and communicates in Romany dialect. Investigators believe it could be Scandinavian or Bulgarian origin . According to testimony , Maria was burberry outlet sent to beg in the streets, but it is healthy.

A local Roma manager has expressed concern that this case could discredit cast on the community. " We are not minor traffic " Has he said. " Bulgarian Maria's father and mother doing odd jobs throughout Greece and Maria have left here for it to be educated . The couple prennait care she loved even more than their children. " burberry outlet The biological father would visit him burberry outlet regularly. It would be returned to the camp after the raid on Wednesday but would not dare to show to the authorities.

The priority of the police to find his parents to know under what burberry outlet circumstances Maria arrived in the Roma camp. A file was sent to Interpol to see if Maria is reporting a disappearance contained in their databases. The charity "The Smile of the Child " , which collected Maria , received more than burberry outlet 8,000 phone calls and thousands of emails from around the world. Many come from families looking for a missing child . Often , they have attached pictures to their account . These photographs show a small resemblance between Maria and disappeared. These stories have been passed to the authorities.





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