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Learn more about the new laws for Junior Operators. Click the image above.

Massachusetts's New Junior Operator Laws
Minimum Age to Obtain a Learner's Permit 16
Minimum Age to Obtain a Junior Operator's License 16 1/2
Minimum Requirements for first-time licensees 18 years and older Learner's Permit
Road test
*Requirements of basic driver's education 30 hours classroom instruction
6 hours of behind the wheel training
6 hours in car observation of another student driver
*Requirements of supervised driving to obtain a junior operators license (*Changes effective 9/01/07) 12 hours supervised by a parent, guardian, or designee over 21
Submittal of a certified statement to the RMV
Junior operator passenger restriction Passenger restriction during the first six months of junior operator licensure
NO passengers under 18, unless accompanied by another licensed driver 21 or older with 1 year or more driving experience, occupying front passenger seat
Passenger restriction not applicable to junior operator's immediate family members (parents and siblings)
*Penalty for violation of passenger restriction and for night driving restriction (*Changes effective 3/31/07) 1st offense: 60 day license suspension
2nd offense: 180 day suspension and required attitudinal retraining
3rd or subsequent offense: 1 (One) year license suspension and required  attitudinal retraining

Additional penalty for Night Driving Restriction: Unlicensed Operation MGL 90 Section 10 fine, $100 to $1000 and in certain circumstances operator could be subject to arrest

*Junior operator night driving restriction (*Changes effective 3/31/07) Driving is prohibited between 12 AM and 5 AM, unless accompanied by parent or guardian
Primary police enforcement allowed only between 1 AM and 4 AM
*Penalty for junior operators who violate speeding or drag racing laws (*Changes effective 3/31/07) Speeding:
1st offense: 90 Day License suspension, minimum $50 fine, plus additional $10 fine for each MPH in excess of 10 miles over posted speed limit, plus $50 surcharge, completion of State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) course and attitudinal retraining
2nd or subsequent offense: 1 (ONE) year license suspension, plus all of the 1st offense fines and a $500 reinstatement fee and reapplication for road test.

Drag racing:
1st offense: 1 (ONE) year license suspension, $250 fine, and a $500 reinstatement fee
2nd or subsequent offense: 3 (THREE) year license suspension, $500 fine and a $1000 reinstatement fee, completion of State Courts Against Road Rage (SCARR) course and attitudinal retraining and re-application for road test.
Penalty for alcohol violations For persons under the age 18:

Breathalyzer refusal: minimum of 3 year license suspension
Breathalyzer failure: license suspension for 30 days for failure plus 1 year for OUI conviction
1 year suspension may be reduced to 180 days for participation in an approved alcohol education program
Penalty for using mobile phone while driving Currently, there are no penalties in place for using cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.  However impeded operation could apply in certain cercumstatnces.  MGL 90 Section 13
*Penalty for violating time restrictions or required adult supervision provisions while operating under a learner's permit (*Changes effective 3/31/07) 1st offense: Fine between $500 and/or $1,000 or imprisonment for up to 10 days
2nd or subsequent offense: term of imprisonment between 60 days and 1 year
*Penalty for speeding or drag racing violations while operating under a learner's permit (*Changes effective 3/31/07)
Same Penalties apply as for having a JOL.  (See above)

Drag Racing:
Same penalties apply as for having a JOL.  (See above)
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