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 Westborough Police Department  - Children's 911 classes

The Westborough Police are happy to offer parents the opportunity to educate their children about 9-1-1 at home. The 9-1-1 for kids, "The Great 9-1-1 Adventure" has been shown to most of your children if they are in grades pre-k-2. This cartoon is suitable for children in grades pre-k-3rd.

The Westborough Police have several DVD's and VHS tapes available to borrow. You can sign the video out and bring it back once you're finished. You will receive complimentary coloring sheets to help reinforce the cartoon with your child.

This cartoon will help your child learn WHEN to call 9-1-1, HOW to call and WHAT to say. To learn more about this program, or to borrow this video, contact School Liaison Officer Chip Dapolite via email at

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