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Westborough Police Department - School Liaison Officer

Officer Charles Dapolite School Liaison Officer

Officer Charles Dapolite's email  click here  

Phone Police Station: 508-366-8801 X: 235

Phone Westborough High School: 508-836-7720 X: 5123

Fax: 508-366-8750


The School Liaison Officer (SLO) is responsible for all of the schools located in the Town of Westborough.  One of the SLO's main responsibilities is to enhance the communication between the Westborough Police Department and the Westborough School Department. 

 Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:



Photo: Westborough News - Ed Hopfmann

  • Lead or assist in investigating all crimes that occur in school or at school sponsored events.

  • Assist with student tardiness and/or truancies.                   

  • Assist schools in filing with Department of Social Services and Juvenile Court.                                                    

  • Identify and remove non-resident students.

  • Counsel and mentor students.

  • Attend monthly District Attorney's round table discussions.

  • Attend Guidance meetings when requested.

  • Attend safety meetings and assist schools in practicing safety protocols.

  • Attend school sponsored events and assist with crowd control.

  • Maintain building safety.

  • Assist administrators when called upon.

  • Investigate bus complaints.  ie: Speeding buses, cars passing buses.

  • Classroom presentations.

  • Attend field trips when possible.

The SLO also assists in  establishing safety plans for the entire school district.  Some of the safety plans that have been established include: 

  • Intruder Drills (Lockdown)

  • Weapons in Schools

  • Evacuation Drills

  • Missing/Lost or Abducted Student

  • Medical Emergencies

  • Bomb Threats

  • Bus Accidents

  • Inside / Outside Hazards

These are just a few examples of safety plans that have been incorporated in the school district.  These plans are continually being reviewed and updated.

The SLO also provides vital information to the staff and students regarding matters such as:  Alcohol, drugs, violence prevention, personal safety and other school related issues.  The SLO is frequently  a guest speaker in classrooms, addressing a variety of issues that face students in today's society.

Several programs have been established to educate students, they include:

  • 911 For Kids 

  • Bike Safety Course

  • Constitutional Law, Massachusetts Law and Bill of Rights Lectures

  • Fatal Vision Goggles - Showing the effects of alcohol

  • "Skidz School" - A program for students with a driver's license

Officer Charles Dapolite email  click here  

Phone Police Station: 508-366-8801 X: 235

Phone Westborough High School: 508-836-7720 X: 5123

Fax: 508-366-8750






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