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Westborough PD -  S.T.E.P. Selective Traffic Enforcement Program

The Westborough Police Department utilizes the S.T.E.P. program to address problem traffic areas and areas of concern to the citizens within town. The department continuously reviews accident reports and locations of traffic citations to assist in determining high incident areas throughout the town. Our traffic enforcement resources are then deployed to those specific areas at specific times to address traffic concerns in those high incident areas.

We also rely on citizens input to assist us with targeting neighborhood streets and other major roadways that have traffic related issues that need to be addressed. Those issues may include: speeding vehicles, stop sign or red light violations, marked lane violations, overweight vehicles, rotary violations, and an array of other traffic related issues.

The police department utilizes state of the art Radar, both moving and stationary, and also Lidar Units to assist us with speeding vehicles. The concern over speeding vehicles throughout the community remains the most prominent issue that the department receives complaints about.

If you have any traffic related concerns or questions please contact Sergeant Goodney by email at or by contacting the Westborough Police Department at 508-366-3060.


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